Beyond Sprinklers Installation: We Also Offer Reliable Repair Services!

FireTek Inc. is known for the top-notch sprinklers installation services that we provide in Hartford, CT. However, our experts don’t just specialize in designing and installing their fire sprinkler systems — they also assist our customers with the repair process! If you’ve noticed some issues with your fire protection system, give us a call today.

Common Issues with Fire Sprinkler Systems

Leaks are some of the biggest issues with fire protection systems, and they should never be ignored since they can expose your property to water damage. Scaling and corrosion can also be a problem since they can block the flow of water inside the pipes and sprinkler heads and increase pressure loss.

Fire Sprinkler Repairs: Should You DIY or Not?

Many people attempt to fix their fire protection system on their own so they can save money on labor. However, the DIY route isn’t exactly advisable unless you’ve undergone intensive training in fire sprinkler repairs and have years of experience under your belt. This comes from the fact that troubleshooting fire protection issues and performing the necessary repairs can be labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks that require you to have special tools and advanced skills. So, instead of using the do-it-yourself approach, your best option is to call professionals like us.

Our employees have years of experience in the fire protection industry, and they know how to quickly diagnose sprinkler systems and identify the best way to repair them. They also have the skills, expertise, and tools to complete all repairs according to industry standards and deliver exceptional results to our customers.

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FireTek Inc. is the right company to hire if you need help with fixing your fire sprinkler system. Give us a call now at (413) 530-1510! You can also contact our experts if you’re searching for sprinklers installation services and other professional solutions in Hartford, CT.