Take Advantage of Our Top-Notch Fire Protection Solutions

Having a fire protection system is required for most properties. However, installing one isn’t a walk in the park, which is why it’s recommended to call experts like FireTek Inc.. We are based in Hartford, CT, and we assist our customers with setting up fire sprinkler systems and keeping them in excellent condition. Schedule an appointment with us now!

The Systems That We Install

With our team’s experience and expertise, we can install a wide range of fire protection systems for our customers. We specialize in wet and dry sprinkler system installations, and we’ll help you select the right type of system for your property. Many of our customers hire us to install deluge systems, although we also specialize in pre-action systems, which are ideal for refrigerated areas and other spaces that should be protected from water damage.

Our Installation Process

Different properties have different requirements when it comes to fire sprinkler systems. Because of this, we offer design and consulting services to our customers and help them create the best possible sprinkler system for their property! By hiring our team, you’ll have a durable and fully functional sprinkler system that will help you protect your assets and keep property fires at bay.

Beyond Installations: We Do Modifications, Repairs, and Maintenance, Too!

Aside from installing fire protection systems, we also help our customers with modifying systems that are already in place. If your property already has a fire sprinkler system that you’d like to improve and modernize, don’t hesitate to give us a call! You can also contact our team if you need assistance with repairing and maintaining your sprinkler system and keep it in great shape.

Get in Touch with Our Team

FireTek Inc. should be your first port of call if you need professional fire protection service in Hartford, CT. Contact us now at (413) 530-1510 to know more about the reliable services that we offer and book an appointment with our team!