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What Does a Fire Protection Installation Technician Do?

 A fire protection installation and service technician will help home and business owners become better prepared in the event of a fire. They will install smoke alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and fire-resistant insulation, etc. They will also offer education and training in order to teach people the protocol needed and how best to get away from dangerous situations. Most of these technicians are employed by government organizations and fire stations; however, there are some that are self-employed or work for non-profit groups and private companies.

 The duties of these technicians will vary each day. They could go to a construction site and work with inspectors in order to help identify any potential fire hazards, plus advise site managers on how best to prevent fires from breaking out. They could explain the local or regional fire codes and why they should be adhered to. Most technicians use computer programs, to help analyze blueprints and map out the best places to install sprinklers systems and smoke alarms. They could even do the installations, to ensure they are reliable and operating properly.

 When a home or business owner updates their safety systems, they will sometimes consult with a fire protection installation technician. They will make an inspection of a facility, identify any fire hazards, and offer their suggestions on how to repair or fix them. Plus, they will help to organize public events in schools, to educate the public on fire hazards, how to properly use fire extinguishers, and how important it is to check smoke alarms on a regular basis.

 Most of these technicians are, or were, trained fire-fighters. They help in emergency situations to extinguish fires and rescue people safely. Once a fire has broken out, the technician sometimes returns to the scene, to inspect what the damage is, and to find out what caused the fire to begin with. They will also take note of hazards and faulty safety equipment. In some cases, they could be asked to offer their expert testimony in a court of law, following a suspected arson attack.

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